Trent Worthington

Trent Worthington is an Alberta musician who has been active in the Edmonton-area arts community for several decades. His activities include music performance and conducting, teaching, composing, recording, consulting, and having fun making music. He performed with Pro Coro Canada as a singer for almost thirty years, in addition to being chorus master and associate conductor for ten of those years. Trent has also been a founding member of VOCE The A Cappella Experience, and is a long-suffering member of the PreTenors Comedy Opera Troupe. Trent has written and arranged music for dozens of orchestras and choirs, including the Saskatchewan Honour Choir, the award winning Chronos Vocal Ensemble, The Redemptorist Community, iCoristi Chamber Choir ProCoro Canada, and the popular Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree. The Edmonton Metropolitan Chorus has produced an entire concert consisting solely of his compositions. He has served as an adjudicator for Festivals on a provincial and national level. Trent holds a Masters in Education degree from the University of Alberta. He has taught math, computing technology, special education and music in K-12 education, as well as teaching music at Alberta College and computing technology and music at King’s University College. Trent has also done studio work for television, film and music as editor, producer and performer, and has been a gigging musician for most of his life. Trent is currently teaching at George Simpson Junior High School in St. Albert, Alberta, where he lives with his wife Dianne.

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