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The GPBC – A music program like no other!

Small group voice lessons

  • Music Theory
  • Drama
  • 15 credits for high school boys
  • Music festivals and competitions
  • Travel provincially, nationally and internationally
  • Complete concert series
  • Solid friendships

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have scholarships?

If a family requires financial assistance, they can apply for a scholarship by emailing the Artistic Director at Boys on a scholarship are expected to have exceptional attendance or they are at risk of losing their position in the choir.

New Comers to Canada can apply for up to three years scholarship by contacting the Artistic Director at

When is the Open House (audition) for boys in grade 2?

June 5th, 3:30 – 4:30.  Salvation Army Church.  9525 83rd Ave, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 6V1

How old do children need to be to audition for the GPBC?

Boys must be entering grade 2 in September.

What if the boy is going into grade 2 or 3 and wants to join the Boys’ Choir and hasn’t had any voice training?

No problem! Boys who in grade 2 or 3 attend an open house for approximately 40 minutes where all the boys gather together in a non-threatening environment. During the 40 minute time period the Artistic Director of the Choir works with the boys getting them to sing, and keep the beat by playing singing games. They are being tested for matching pitch, beat and rhythm and their readiness to learn. They will be notified within 24 hours if they made it into the Prep Choir, or should wait a year and try again.

What if the boy is going into grade 3 (in September) or higher and wants to join the Boys’ Choir?

Simply call or email the Artistic Director at 780-402-0153 You may also contact the Logistics Manager, Crystal Ibach, at 780-933-9507 to set up an audition. Please leave a message if there is no answer. The Artistic Director may invite them to attend the Open House with the grade 2 boys, or have a private audition.

What should the boys expect at a private audition?

Mrs. Pernal, the Director, will ask the boy a few questions to make him comfortable, give them something to read in English and do a simple audition. They will be notified in a few weeks as to which level they can join, or if they should try again next year.

When are the audition dates for a boy who is going into grade 3 or higher?

Call or email the Artistic Director at 780-402-0153 You may also contact the Logistics Manager, Crystal Ibach, at 780-933-9507 for more information. Please leave a message if there is no answer.

What are the various levels in the choir?

The levels are as follows:

  • Prep Choir – Grade 2/3
  • Junior Choir – Grade 3, 4, 5
  • Senior choir – Grade 5, 6, 7
  • Voice Changers – Grade 8 and 9 and sometimes grade 7
  • Men of Note – Grade 10 to two years past high school
  • Continuum of Men – Graduates of the program, aged 20 and up.

What are Small Groups?

Boys in the Prep, Juniors, Senior and Voice Changers are divide into small groups and they have a small group voice lesson each week at the Salvation Army Church for one hour.

Do the Men of Note and Continuum of Men have small group voice lessons?


When do the Small Groups meet?

  • The Prep, Junior and Senior small groups meet at various times on Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays. A time table is arranged at the beginning of each season.
  • The Voice Changers meet Tuesday evenings from 5:30 – 8:00 pm

So the boys miss school?

Some of the boys miss school, depending on their level in the choir. Generally, the older the boy, the later in the day the class occurs, therefor not missing school. The choir director has an exceptional relationship with all the schools in GP and this has been their rehearsal tradition for over 15 years.

What is Large Group?

At the Salvation Army Church, the Juniors and Seniors form into larger choirs and rehearse Mondays from 5:50 – 7:10.  Once a month there is a Monday off.  The Men of Note rehearse every Monday from 7:15 – 9:30.

Do the Preps form a large group on Monday evenings?

No. The two Prep classes join together for one or two rehearsals closer to the concert. They will come at a special time.

How many concerts a year do you perform?

We produce an annual Christmas Concert with three performances.

The annual Spring Concert with one performance.

The annual Symphony and Singing in the City Concert with two performances.

There may be special guest appearances at separate events such as Remembrance Day Service.

How long is your season?

Our season runs from September to early May. We generally have 4 weeks off in December, immediately after our Christmas performance until school starts again in January. If it is a travel year, there may be extra rehearsals in June.

How much is tuition?

Program fees are comparable to Music for Young Children classes. Fees are from September – May. Please note that these fees are not up to date for the upcoming 2023-2024 season.

  • Preps: $70/month
  • Juniors: $75/month
  • Seniors: $75/month
  • Voice Changers: $75/month
  • Men of Note: $75/month

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